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Kevin Higgins Social Realist Poetess Celebrates Birthday
Kevin Higgins China
Claire Harnett Two for One at the Carvery
Claire Harnett (I Blame) My Shoes
Neetha Kunaratnam Nine Die In Suicide Bombing
Annie Freud The Ballad of Hunnington Herbert
Rosemary Harris The Changeling
Matthew Caley Lookout


Contents of Magma 37 “Between Coldharbour Lane and urban myth” Matthew Caley Plato Rd Odes Lookout Late-Nite Taxi Cab [1517 – ] Juliette Hart A Single Returns on the Gatwick Express Sarah Barnsley Green Park Lisa McMillan London Underground Summer Storm Contemplating Me Rosemary…
Exterminating Angels and the Singing God Translating Rilke’s poetry presents formidable difficulties. There are grammatical elisions and omissions which can make the language appear abstract when it isn’t, and imagery which appears symbolic or realistic but may, in fact, be both simultaneously. There is constant movement…
Nigerian Poetry - Black Star or Black Hole? Niyi Osundare, just turned sixty, and a Professor of English at the University of New Orleans, has ten or so published poetry collections to his name, plus two “Collected’s”, four plays, and a large body of critical work. His first…
The Female Poet and the Male Muse My passion for poetry began in my early teens, when I developed a crush on three female writers – Anne Sexton, Dorothy Parker and Sylvia Plath. I devoured their poems, their prose, their lives. Apparently raw in their honesty, yet…
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