Hunnington Herbert was her name,
she lived off Kensington Gore
in a stuccoed mansion block
owned by the late Charles Clore.

She danced in the nude for the Soft Machine;
some said she would go far.
She was often compared to Leslie Caron
with her smile and balcony bra.

Monkeys were in vogue back then;
she kept one on a chain.
It died of mange one afternoon.
She didn’t try that again.

She met a man called Milton Forbes.
They went to Afghanistan.
I‘ve a photo of her on a rock
with baby, gun and man:

lovely she looked with her silky hair
and her face turned to the sun.
Eventually she got away.
It hadn’t all been fun.

The last time I saw Hunnington,
the King’s Road was hot and dry.
Hail, Dark Intellect, she said,
Hail, Fair Chump, said I.