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Teaching Matters

  From the University of Edinburgh website:   Creative learning can change minds: Festival of Creative Learning and Magma Film Poetry Project. Read the article here.

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Poetry and Film Collaboration

  Magma Poetry in Collaboration with the University of Edinburgh   Read about the collaboration on the Edinburgh College of Art website: Students Work With Poets on Collaborative Film Project    Read the introduction by Stav Poleg and Jennifer Williams,…

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Magma 69 at the Southbank Centre

How We Hear Consider how sound shapes our relationship with one another and the wider world as we launch Magma 69, The Deaf Issue, a magazine that includes poems by d/Deaf poets exploring deafness, how we hear and what we…

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Peel & Portion

Magma’s third National Conversation Event: Peel & Portion organised by board members John Canfield and Ella Frears opened up a fascinating discussion about the poetic process and different attitudes to drafting, editing and when a poem is considered finished. Poets…

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