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Thucydides eats a macaron

Here's a poem by Rishi Dastidar.  Thucydides, historian of ancient Greece, chronicler of the violent struggle between Athens and Sparta in the late 5th century BC, and his trap.  Relevant?  Oh yes.  The trap is as nasty as the tone…

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Climate Activism as Poetry

Sometimes readers react to ‘subject matter’ over the activity of the poem. They feel anything remotely ‘political’ to be polemical and thus didactic. They feel they “know this information already, so why do they need it in a poem”. That…

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Poetry on Paper – part I

No matter where you might be on the spectrum of environmental awareness, most of us who exchange gifts or cards over the Christmas period, (myself included) in the aftermath can feel twinges of remorse about the sheer amount of paper…

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