Eleven if you include the bomber
And the moulting canine, both present.

Four died oblivious, their minds combusted,
But six had considered their own mortality

That very day, of whom four had prayed and two toyed,
For reasons unknown, with the idea of self-immolation.

The stats of divine vengeance were: three Catholic, three Agnostic
And three Muslim. There was one Other, Miss X, and the Alsatian.

Three were stood on the platform,
Five were running late and the dog was asleep

With the tramp, Mr Z, when fire stopped the clock.
14:26 was the official time of death but two

Watches were slow and three fast. Two were
Dressed in coats and five in suits, although the

Rain had long since given way to sunshine.
Five were still carrying umbrellas, which maimed them.

Half of the victims hailed from the soil and half the concrete.
Spores of fear crackled in the air, electrifying

All fifty-six witnesses, the majority of whom
Sustained serious injury, and echoed the explosion

With fearsome cries. Most were traumatised,
Even those who had been caught daydreaming.