“Between Coldharbour Lane and urban myth”

Matthew Caley
Plato Rd Odes
Late-Nite Taxi Cab [1517 – ]

Juliette Hart
A Single Returns on the Gatwick Express

Sarah Barnsley
Green Park

Lisa McMillan
London Underground
Summer Storm
Contemplating Me

Rosemary Harris
The Changeling

Nadia Al Fazil-Kareem
Two Men Selling Orchids in a Flower Shop
Things I Hear Myself Say

Annie Freud
Rare London Cheeses
The Ballad of Hunnington Herbert

Presiding Spirits: Paul Farley
from The Electric Polyolbion: the Eleventh Song
“A body can detonate”

Robert Stein
With John Keats in Soho
Going Over

Arlene Ang
A Day, Perhaps, Like Any Other

Neetha Kunaratnam
Nine Die in Suicide Bombing
Night Watch

Ian Mullins
Deep Pockets

Fiona Monks
TV Dinners

Poetry in Practice: Martyn Crucefix on translating Rilke
“The savage and the moonkempt”

Claire Harnett
It’s am at Reading Festival
(I Blame) My Shoes
Two for One at the Carvery

Melissa Lee

Harriet Moore
One evening in February

Jay Jeff Jones

Eric Paul Shaffer
Wasting Time on a Tuesday


Stephen Wilson

Jesse Ferguson
Quite a Pickle

Pascale Petit
Moon Moths in the Day room

Lavinia Motoc
She is a lady

Char March
The four-day wait
Teenage son eats honey

The Male Muse
Clare Pollard – The Female Poet and the Male Muse

David Boll
For Howard

Alan Buckley
Before Your Very Eyes
The Gift

Katrina Naomi
Lunch at the Elephant and Castle

Steve Lorimer
The Troubadour, Earls Court
Gandhi’s Statue,Tavistock Square
Union Chapel, Upper Street

Guest Choice
Tim Beaumont chooses
The Way through the Woods
by Rudyard Kipling

“Chainsaw with a brain”

Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Orpheus Gets Punk’d
Bitten by Dogs

Maureen Jivani
The Torturer’s Day Off

David Gilbert
Stepping to the Wall

Joanna Preston
Counting My Blessings
A Host of Sparrows

Stephen Wilson
Columba Livia
Larus Argentatus

Mick Delap – Nigerian poetry

Niyi Osundare
Polygamous Moon
Ode to the Sugar Cane

Hannah Salt
on Martyn Crucefix’s translation of Rilke’s Duino Elegies and Don Paterson’s Orpheus

David Morphet
on Paul Muldoon’s Horse Latitudes and Tom Duddy’s The Small Hours

Joe Woods
on Lawrence Sail’s Eye-Baby, Susan Utting’s Houses Without Walls and Togara Muzanenhamo’s pirit Brides

Laurie Smith
on Anne Carson’s Decreation and Jane Hirshfeld’s After

Magma Showcase: Kevin Higgins
Wholesale Clearance:
Everything Must Go
Social Realist Poetess Celebrates Birthday
The Country I Dreamt Up While Protesting

Chris Beckett
Seven-year-old poets

David Boll
Writer’s Blocks

Carole Bromley
Frisk Draft

Andrew James
Semi-finality Blues

Nic Rigby
The Cat Nellie, Mr Lee and Me

Keith Arthur / Magma Poetry Competition Results:

Julia Casterton
Señor Lobelinos

Dot Lubienska
By the Willows

Glenis Denley
Here We Go Again