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[SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED] Ramping up Risk before September 30th Deadline

When we set ‘risk’ as a theme, we had a rough idea of what we’d hope to see: poems pushing both form and content to the edges of what’s considered to be the normal range. We rightly anticipated that this would open the window to some pretty eyebrow-raising stuff – which is to say we’ve had quite a few submissions that have clearly set out to shock and disturb.We’ve also received poems about risk itself, about rolling the dice, which is great – but we’d also like to see poems which interpret the brief in unusual or unexpected ways. If we could tell you exactly what those are, they wouldn’t be unexpected!

There are certainly things we’d like to see more of. Not many submissions have contained long poems. A well-achieved long poem really is a feat in itself. We’ve also seen less in the way of wild formal experimentation or poets setting out to use the space on the page in demanding new ways. Why not give Magma’s typesetter a real challenge? Or try to sneak something devilish past the editors’ watchful eyes, hidden in the poem itself? Click here for the full call for contributions.

Dom Bury & Jon Stone
Editors, Magma 64

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  1. Just a simple query – I submitted to Risk but I don’t know what the ‘sell by’ date is, i.e. when I realise either nothing has been chosen, or something has been taken further by the eds. Some idea of the timescale involved would help.

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