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[SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED] Call for contributions – Magma 64 on the theme of ‘Risk’

Magma has changed to Submittable. Please follow this link to submit.

For the next issue of Magma we’ve chosen the theme of ‘Risk’. We’re aware that risk is in itself a risky word. It is open to interpretation. And what we hope to present in our call for submissions is just one understanding.

For us, the conscious act of taking risks is in itself the act of living. It is an act of exposure. Of gambling. Of disobedience. An act of fearlessness. It is the constant awareness of risk, learning how to push ourselves to the edge of what is possible that governs everything we do. And as always, when you increase the stakes, the chance of failure is always more probable. But then we’d much prefer to see poems that fail big than fail small. Because the further you push yourself towards that proverbial edge, the more likely you are to produce something fresh, something unique.

In practical terms, we believe risk means deliberately withholding from your audience what is familiar to them and substituting an unknown quantity; in other words, aiming to introduce them to an unexpected pleasure, to change their minds about what it means for a poem to be successful. The risk, obviously, is that they do not find anything pleasurable or meaningful at all in the new experience and reject what you have to offer. But without such risks being taken, poetry inevitably slides towards repetitiousness.

How does this manifest itself? Perhaps in the current climate it would be as simple as writing a love poem to David Cameron. Perhaps not. But then that’s what we want. Your thoughts. Your understanding. Your interpretation. But what we would like to see a poem do is to force us, as the reader, to the ledge, hang one foot, one line, our whole consciousness over the precipice and then draw us shuddering, sweat-drenched, changed, back in. So there’s the challenge. We look forward to reading your poems. But please, we implore you, roll the dice! There are no rules.

Magma has moved all its submissions online to Submittable. Submissions will no longer be read if sent to our Magma email address. Please follow this link to submit. If you don’t have an account, you can create a new one easily in a couple of minutes. Submissions are invited from June 1st to September 30th 2015.

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  1. Oh, wonderful! I followed the link and got “This connection is untrusted” and three choices, of which the third was “I understand the risks”!
    Is this your way of whittling contributors down to the genuine risk-takers?

  2. I got through, but was asked to login, which I couldn’t do as I don’t have an account. And not invited to set up an account. So…?

  3. Ciao – sorry to be that chap – but if you go into Categories tab on your Submittable interface – scroll to bottom – it will provide you with a rather slinky/chic Submittable button in HTML code which you can slap onto your page – leads more followers to the flock, as it were…

  4. wonderful. i hit submit for submittable and find safari cannot open the page. this is fitting. it is a money making cancer.

  5. On the generic Contributions page all links to ‘submittable’ or ‘submit’ produce a warning of ‘failure of security certificate’. On this page – Call for Contributions on a Theme of Risk – all submittable and submit links bring up a log-in page for account holders but nowhere to open an account.

  6. Brilliant idea this submittable – if only it worked.
    I got the ‘connection untrusted’ message. I ploughed on regardless and registered. I tried uploading a file of poems – it said it couldn’t accept them in ordinary Word format. It told me to save as rtf which I did and from then on it ignored any attempts to upload a file
    Sorry – I’m going back to snail mail until you get it sorted.

  7. Hi,

    Submittable won’t allow word docs to be uploaded from tablets. Please can you advise how I then submit? Downloading apps is not possible as I only have a tablet from my employer and I am not allowed to download Dropbox


  8. Dear Nicci, the editors are still busy creating a shortlist for ‘conversation’ and you’ll hear back in due course.

  9. Dear Sirs
    I’ve tried to upload on your submittable site but it appears that Word is not compatible with it. I have used submittable many times for other magazines so this is a puzzle to me. I wanted to submit to your ‘Risk’ theme so I would be grateful if you would accept another form of submission, ie email or post.
    With thanks,
    Miki Byrne. Ms.

  10. I would like to submit, but I see that the only file type accepted are .doc, rtf and txt. I work in Pages on a Mac and the formatting is not always preserved when I export to Word. Some of my poems contain unusual formatting, so the only way to preserve this is in a pdf file.

    Please advise – many thanks

  11. Hey Magma, I’d like to submit, but I too cannot find the ‘create an account’ place to login from on the submit site.
    could you please advise.
    I went to their website but it creates a newsletter account, not a submissions account.

  12. Oh no! I wrote my little covering note saying I was submitting 3 poems, uploaded one file and it refused to accept any more. I expected to be asked if I had any more to upload, but it finished the submission process. I’ll try to explain that when I upload the next two, which I guess I’ll have to combine into one document. It would help if you said that only one firle can be accepted!

  13. Update! I withdrew the one poem I managed to upload and have re-submitted with all three in one document. Phew. >.<

  14. I submitted to the Risk theme that closed at the end of September (a poem called How Do I Know).

    Reading the comments above – and checking my email – I don’t think I had an acknowledgement of receipt.

    Are you able to let me know whether you received the poem please. And also whether or not you want to consider it for the issue.

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