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Welcome to the New Look Magma Website

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Welcome to the new Magma website!

As always, the site contains an extensive archive of poems and articles from the print magazine. We’ve redesigned the site to make it more attractive and to make it easier to browse the archive by issue or by author.

We have also added the Magma blog, a regularly updated section of the website that will bring you all the latest news and events from Magma as well as features and comment that will complement the print magazine. Magma is well known for the variety that comes from having a different editor with each issue. This variety will be reflected on the blog, which will be written by different authors. The core blog team is composed of Jacqueline Saphra, Rob Mackenzie and myself. We will also have contributions from other members of the Magma team and from guest writers.

If you look below this article, you will see a space for you to add your comments – this will be a feature of every article posted on the blog. We hope that the comments section of the blog will be the venue for stimulating conversations between Magma writers and readers, as well as between readers themselves.

As well as reading the blog on this website, you can also sign up to have every blog entry delivered to you for free. You can choose to receive the updates either via e-mail or via an RSS feed reader. (Don’t worry if you’ve no idea what RSS means, the e-mail updates are exactly the same so if you want to keep things simple just go for the e-mail option.)

If you sign up for the free updates, it means you’ll be the first to know Magma news, including announcements of new issues, readings, calls for submissions and deadlines. You will also receive feature articles as soon as they are posted. The beauty of having the updates sent to you is that you don’t need to keep checking the site for new updates — and you won’t miss any important announcements!

We are very excited about this new chapter in Magma’s history, but as ever, the molten core of Magma will remain the print magazine and our readings. The website features an improved system for buying Magma online, so we hope you will consider to enjoy the best in contemporary poetry.

Mark McGuinness
Magma web development team

PS Moving into a new digital home is a bit like any move — it can take a little while to unpack, find the crockery and get everything just so. So please bear with us if you notice any technical hitches! If you experience any major problems, drop me an e-mail and we’ll help you out.

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  1. hey there, new site’s looking great, really fresh, clear and functional, congrats to Mark and the team for an excellent upgrade.

  2. Excellent new website. Congratulations to all involved. I understand the joys and pains of PHP, HTML, CSS and the rest!

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