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The 12 Competition Tweets of Christmas – #3 Cheryl Moskowitz

Poet Cheryl Moskowitz provides the third tweet for Magma’s #The 12 Competition Tweets of Christmas campaign which we are running to inspire you to enter the competition before the 18 January deadline. ‘Your write poems about what/you feel deepest and hardest’ are words from ‘Johnny’s Poem’ by Canadian poet, Alden Nolan Cheryl says: “These words are always what I think of when am writing poetry myself or encouraging others to write. The best poems for me manage to achieve some new kind of knowing or understanding of something we might think we already know and can offer a different way of seeing ourselves and the world.
Poetry is life distilled’ says Pulitzer prize winning American teacher and poet Gwendolyn Brooks. In these overwhelming times, we need that kind of distillation more than ever.
Cheryl won a special mention (and £15 prize) in the Magma Poetry Competition 2013 Editors’ Prize for ‘Saudade’, which was printed in Magma 58.  Click here to find out more about the Magma Poetry Competition 2015/16.

Think of how, in its final breath, the dying sun reaches
pink fingers out across the sky and places them urgently
on whatever surface it can find to reflect its own image.
Imagine; a lake or a window
my eyes or your hair.
Think of it as a branch, a root, a budding
from raecan, rookah, ruka to reach, to stretch,
to make long, to be long,
only to belong.
Make me a cloak of longing and I will wear it always.


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