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Magma’s 2012 poetry competition is OPEN FOR ENTRIES

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The entry period for both the Judge’s Prize for poems of 11 to 80 lines, and the Magma Editors’ Prize for poems of up to 10 lines is OPEN and runs until 16 December. Hurry and send us your poems!

All the information about both contests as well as how to enter online or by post, plus the full Rules can be found here

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  1. I have already submitted poems to your competition, but have little hope because having purchased MAGMA and read the poems there in, I realise that my poetry is not to your taste.

  2. Harry, I would expect the Magma editors judging the short poems to have many and varied tastes, and a recent blogpost from Gillian Clarke, who is judging the longer poems, has given me a sense of her tastes. Good luck with your entries!

  3. Kindle version is amazing – available with a simple click! Each line of poetry simply kicks!
    Thanks Magma.

  4. Dear Magma,

    I have spent most of my precious free evening attempting to submit 8 poems to your competition I was very excited… except

    firstly there is no really clear indication as to what you mean by ‘submit in a word document……’ so it took a long time to realise you meant them all to be one page after another, the assumption that poets are techo savy is unwise, a help page would be good for dummies

    and secondly I was about to finally submit and discovered that if i had more than 6 poems I had to submit another form…… given that its a special deal on four poems that’s weird
    go back and alter the document again at 11pm no I don’t think so.

    maybe I wont feel so despondent and defeated tomorrow and will try again

    I’m of to bed…… what a shame you couldn’t just make it easy: state clearly what you want at the beginning so there are no hurdles to jump through, its enough of a challenge to enter a competition.

  5. Sorry, Bernadette. Your comments have been noted and will no doubt be fed into the post-competition discussions. We’re always hoping to improve the way we do things. I hope you have more success today, and good luck in the competition!

  6. Hi there, I have successfully submitted 4 poems earlier this evening but it didn’t ask for a payment and there was nothing to click to pay. So I have had an email confirming the poems have been received but I’m worried it won’t be valid without a payment. Could you advise me, Many thanks.

  7. I am trying to upload my poems in word doc as requested on your competition entry page but when I open my document, there is no button that comes up that says upload and when I go on to my next entry it says no files. Can you advise or help with this as I only have a day left to enter.


  8. I received a letter on Christmas night (!) from Jennifer of Magma, that my poems for the competition couldn’t be opened. I wrote back but have heard nothing. I have sent them again though there was no proper facility for doing so.

    What am I supposed to do to ensure that my poems for the competition are read? I have of course paid my fee.

  9. emails to magma comp and sales are undelivered.
    any reason why?
    also, Rob, please could you let me know a little more about how to go about submitting work for review?
    do you normally accept a collection or samples?

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