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Magma Poetry Roadshow Travels to Ledbury Festival 10th July 2010

We’re thrilled to be heading to the friendly and poetry-packed Ledbury Festival this weekend as sponsors of a reading by Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales and Philip Gross, the 2009 year’s winner of the TS Eliot prize.

We’re proud to have published work from both poets in Magma Poetry; Gillian Clarke’s delicate sonnet, ‘Old Libraries’ appeared in a recent issue, and Philip Gross was our Presiding Spirits featured poet a few issues ago, where he wrote a specially commissioned poem and an article about his connection to Basho.

I’ll be at Burgage Hall, Ledbury, with Roberta James on Saturday 10th July at 2.30 to hear these two poets at the top of their game. We’ll have a sales table right there, so do stop by to say hello. We’d love to see you.

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  1. Sorry I can’t be at Ledbury this year. I’ve enjoyed the festival a couple of times there in the past. I hope you have an enjoyable and successful time there.

    Best wishes

  2. Thank-you Patrick. There are some very exciting events this year and I’m heading there tomorrow clutching my little brown envelope of tickets.


  3. Wish I could come and join you at Ledbury, but my trip from Canada to the UK is not until September. I am sure it will be a great event. What do you have going on in September?

    I have a new poetry book coming out in the Fall but I don’t think it will be in time for my trip It is called “In Praise of Darkness” and I some of the poems are set in Iona, Bardsey Island, Chartres France, and various places in Wales. I have been a T’ai Chi teacher in Continuing Education for the past 40 years and the building blocks behind the above book are from yin/yang philosophy of Taoism.

    I am going to submit some poems from this book to Magma. If I hear from you in time, if you plan on publishing them, then I can give you a credit in this book. Thanks.

    Beryl Baigent

  4. It was a great event and many thanks to Magma for being sponsors. Both poets were very well worth listening to. It was my final event of the week and it certainly meant that I left on a high!

    It was good to meet Roberta and yourself after the event and I hope the pen was of use!!

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