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[SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED] Call for Contributions to Magma 46

I’m thrilled and excited to be editing Magma 46 with Norbert Hirschhorn as assistant editor. This issue will be launched in Spring 2010 and the theme is Hunger in all its possible manifestations.

I hope that it will inspire some visceral, strongly felt poems touching on some areas that are very close to my heart as both writer and reader: food, sex and desire, intimacy or the lack of it, spiritual hunger, as well as the wider, political aspects. You may want to take some surprising sideways glances at the subject too; maybe your own cravings take you to some unpredictable places, or perhaps you hunger for something unexpected. We’d love to read poems that have an unusual take on our theme.

As ever, we will welcome poems on other subjects too, and we can’t wait to get stuck in, so to speak, so please get your contributions to us as soon as you can. The deadline is the end of October. Please see the contributions page for details of how to submit your poems. Happy writing!

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  1. I was fortunate enough to have had a poem in issue 43 – is it to soon to submit for next issue?

    best wishes Robin

  2. Robin – just in reply to your query, it’s fine to send poems to as many issues as you like, especially as a we have a rotating editorship and your work will be read by different people.



  3. Janette from Creative Momentum

    Thanks for offering to put a link on your site. Happy for you to put something up there, as long as it’s not my text in its entirety and just a brief extract.



  4. Has a theme for the next issue of Magma (47) been set yet and can anyone suggest a theme?

    I think ‘Religion’ would be a good one if it hasn’t already been used.

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    Themes are chosen by the editors, as far as I know we haven’t used reader suggested themes so far. But I know many of our editors read the blog and comments, so they may glean some inspiration here… Thanks for your suggestion.

  6. Hunger is a great kick-off point to issue 46.
    When is the deadline for sending poems to be included in this issue?

  7. I’m new to Magma magazine, and more than anything I enjoy its idea of having a theme to base contributions around. I’m a little off being a published poet yet, but it does focus the mind on a subject, and it is surprising what gets written. I aim to write six poems on the subject, and even if (well when) unsusucessful, I have 6 new poems I wouldn’t have written before. I have my six for this month, but reading the introduction above, I am beginning to think of ways I could put a new slant on the subject.

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