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Do We Need More Verse Drama?

I was having another read through Magma 52 the other day and came to Glyn Maxwell’s fascinating article on poetry and theatre. He finishes off with a plea to young poets to create verse theatre. Here’s the quote (I’ve left…

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A short piece on the short poem

I am going to start this article with a statistic. No poem under 10 lines has won the National Poetry Competition since (online) records began in 1978! The website shows winning poems only prior to 2000, but between 2001-2010 you…

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Magma’s Early Days

I’ve been around Magma since before it was Magma, a name chosen “to suggest the molten core within the world, hidden as deep feelings are and showing itself in unpredictable movements, tremors, lava flows, eruptions”.  Magma began not so much…

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(How) Do Poetry and Music Mix?

About a year ago, I went along to a near-capacity crowded Usher Hall in Edinburgh to hear Natalie Merchant and her band play through much of her new album, Leave Your Sleep, in which she had set poems (mainly based…

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