Insatiable gloaming
—–footprints stamped in the snow
——————handprints pressed in caves
where the sea recedes
—–after the age of sugar
——————halfway through the age of soil
lands move up and down
—-I scribe our engagement in rock.

Other eras marked by meteorite strikes
tectonic     plates     changing
our biological species set to stain
human and animal imprint on annihilation.

There is zero guarantee
—-civilizations last forever
though not easily reduced to rubble
—-looking back on ice and paleo
evidence of shifting
—-damage leaves it lasting record
so how can we prevent it
—-hold space for planetary boundaries;
are we destroyers or developers
—-hackers or helpers?

Don your wings
—-Angels of the Anthropocene
can we recover the Holocene in some way?

We are a force of nature
—-global shapers of the Earth
———-where diseases stream as a symptom
—————–of an exhausted depleted planet
a viral holocaust pulsing under the skin
—-of a damaged ozone state
terrifying climate change
silently congregated CFC’s
—-banded around our galaxy
——————–and back home, after tea,
“a table groaning with Trilobites” *Yvonne Reddick
—-Ammonites inside of Ammonites
——————-whether they were living there
—-or they were washed in there
the places we land in life
—-somewhere hopeful in bouts to hear
——————-of miracles in laboratories
—-like Micro Fragmentation
in the Florida Keys
—-allowing coral to grow back faster;
when each fragment touches another
—-it recognises it as themselves
——————-and fuses back together.

What can we rewild in ourselves
—-as we turn up the volume on touch
——————in the muteness of our heart?

Beauty of nature and its great mystery
—-is the gateway to the soul
—————–yet distinct carbon footprint
global climate change
—-shifting cycles of weather
—————-widespread pollution
—————-radioactive fallout
—-plastic accumulation
species invasions
—-and mass extinction
——————is evident trauma blockage
—-a grimoire coastline
though dependent on
a whole host of other lifeforms
—————–carbon-based or otherwise
our race is still in denial
—-down into planting ground we go
—————-skins decompose to feed soil
—-its honourable gifted fertility:
—————-how easily we fill a petrified-wood
light box with our heavy bones.

How many times have we been cruel?
—-The graveyard is the only place
—————–that is forever open for us.
Carry your own grief we cry.
—-A majority of our darkness
—————–is incarnated in our heritage.
Ask the body what it wants
—-treat it like the divine vessel
—————–and exoskeleton
you have on loan
—-for you have to return it
that power that creates everything
—-which absorbs us back into itself
one last breath spiralling
————————–at the end of life.

The environment was here before
—-it will remain hereafter
—————-we are haunting the landscape
at the intersection of Science and Art
—-each year born again
—————-from the amniotic fluid
of a Pisces New Moon
—-only the moment failed:
—————-Geo-identity, deep time
alchemy of base matter
—-as astral change too tumults
—————-across the current of the cosmos.
Our ever-evolving paradigm
—-constantly in cycle
—————-but the Anthropos
is not a closed-loop
—-and Earth’s miracle basin
—————-is not fathomless
only a conscious fall
—-into inner loneliness
—————-lets us recognise
the limitlessness
—-of our being Homosapien
—————-this then illuminates
a deeper meaning to life;
—-to know our creator
—————-we must (co)create.

We are already in space
—-spiritually and umbilically
tied to all the planets
—-with spine’s sacred arch
dominion of the cells
—-union with the divine
oceans in our gut
—-organs dipped in magma
phlegmatic mountains
—-erupting in our throat
when we can no longer
—-find a way to shine
a million suns at our crown
—-and instead our children’s
children’s children
—-will go up in a cauldron
of flames.  Rise again:
—-don your wings
the time is now
—-dear Angels of the Anthropocene.