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A still from Peat (2015) short film by Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis


Deryn Rees-Jones The Cure
Janette Ayachi Angels of the Anthropocene
Shara Lessley How the Starfish Came to Be
Laboni Islam Distancing
Selina Nwulu Back from the dead
Linda France Climate Change (Bedecked in Ocean Plastic) Visits Her Therapist
Ogaga Ifowodo Selected Poems


Anthropocene Anthropocene “The Anthropocene” – or should it be “the anthropocene”?  Some geologists prefer the lower case version but, as it seems to be the biggest thing around these days, I shall stick with the “Anthropocene”. The period in which human activity might have impacted the planet has been called the Anthropocene.  Antecedents for the term…
Geopoetry and the Anthropocene In February 2021, in the depths of a national lockdown, poets met scientists and environmental researchers for a special, online collaboration event. Poets Nnimmo Bassey, Deryn Rees-Jones, Rebecca Sharp, Zaffar Kunial, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Janette Ayachi, Isabel Galleymore and Lindsey Holland met up with environmental engineers Champika Liyanage and Jonathan Kinnear, environmental humanities scholar Candice…
What does the Anthropocene mean to you? Maggie Wang was co-editor-in-chief of the school literary magazine in Washington, D.C. where she grew up and now studies at the University of Oxford where she leads the Oxford University Poetry Society. She was a festival poet at this year’s Kendal Poetry Festival and is a Ledbury Poetry Critic. April Egan was a commended Foyle…
M81 Editorial “We’re living in the Anthropocene!” Dutch climate scientist Paul Crutzen coined the term ‘Anthropocene’ to describe what he regarded as a new epoch, characterized by human alterations to biological, chemical and geological processes on Earth. Digital humanities professor James Lee tells us “The Anthropocene has long been discussed in terms of hard science. Yet, if…

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