1. Call for submissions – Magma 56: Clothes

    Written by Julia Bird at November 2, 2012 8:30

    In the introduction to her anthology of clothes poems Out of Fashion (Faber, 2004), Carol Ann Duffy wrote ’[these poems] examine, in their different ways, how we dress or undress, how we cover up or reveal, and how clothes, fashion and jewellery are both a necessary and luxurious, a practical and sensual, a liberating and repressing part of our lives. I hope that the anthology forms an entertaining dialogue between the two arts of poetry and fashion’.This push and pull between cover up and revelation, necessity and luxury is what we’d like to see in your clothes poems for Magma 56, whether you’re writing about dress uniforms or haute couture, morning suits or suits of armour. Tell us about your little black dresses and your lucky pants, your wedding dresses and your weeding gloves and we’ll send the best of your poems down the catwalk of Magma 56.

    Give us a twirl. Non-clothes poems also welcome.

    Julia Bird (@juliamarybird) and Helen Mort (@helenmort), Editors, Magma 56


    The deadline is 28 February 2013. Please see the Contributions page for details of how to submit your poems.

4 Responses to “Call for submissions – Magma 56: Clothes”

  1. Rosemary McLeish says:

    Dear Julia Bird and Helen Mort
    I am at present in an exhibition called ‘Dare to Wear’ at the Crypt Gallery in London (until 4th November) and have exhibited poems related to the theme on pieces of clothing – an apron, a bra, and some t-shirts. They have gone down a treat! It seems to be theme of the moment. We have a Facebook page which might interest you, Dare to Wear.
    I’ll send my poems along later..

  2. rd coleman says:

    this is the only spot i seem to have for contact. i just submitted six pieces for magma 56, and got a thank you back from the editors of magma 55, tim and karen. could my six-i don’t know how you do this, pass my six onto to the proper editors?

    thanks very much.

  3. Rob Mackenzie says:

    RD Coleman, don’t worry. Your submission will have gone to the proper editors. They must have forgotten to update the automatic email reply message to Magma 56. I’ll let them know about it.

  4. Rob Mackenzie says:

    It’s all sorted now.

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