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Magma Poetry Competitions — Winning and Commended Poems

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 2021/22 Poetry Competition

Read the poems here: Magma Poetry Competitions 2021/22 — Winning and Commended Poems

Winner of the JUDGE’S PRIZE judged by Marvin Thompson:
Gwen Sayers with Archbishop Tutu’s funeral seen from thousands of miles away

Second Prize:
Pen Kease with Talking coconuts in the staffroom

Third Prize:
Sophie Dumont with Notes addressed to the person who received my ex’s heart

Commended Poets:
Taymour Afdhal with Stumpgrinding
Helen Bowell with 闭口藏舌 / Close Your Mouth, Hide Your Tongue
Leah Larwood with House without Walls
Sophie Segura with Zodiac Is A Proprietary Eponym
James Sutherland Smith with A Walk in Winter


Winner of the EDITORS’ PRIZE for poems of up to 10 lines, judged by Magma editors:
Tim Scott with Displacements (Armagh, 1972)

Second Prize:
Maria Ferguson with I didn’t get to say goodbye, I barely said hello

Third Prize:
Gavin Ritchie with Brilliant White

Commended Poets:
Jen Campbell with Fell
Jacqueline Hutchinson with Figure of Eight
Christopher M James with Minka
Oluwaseun Olayiwola with Uses of the Sky
Jim Patterson with Night Out


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