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Magma 69 at the Southbank Centre

How We Hear Consider how sound shapes our relationship with one another and the wider world as we launch Magma 69, The Deaf Issue, a magazine that includes poems by d/Deaf poets exploring deafness, how we hear and what we…

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Magma at Poetry in Aldeburgh

Magma workshop & Open Mic SATURDAY 4th NOVEMBER 10am - 12pm | FREE | GARAGE GALLERY Magma team members Susannah Hart & Lisa Kelly will offer a lively event reading, writing and enjoying poetry. Magma is delighted to be hosting…

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[SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED] Call for submissions: Magma 70 on the theme of ‘Europe’

Europe. Whether it derives from the name of a Phoenician princess, a queen of Crete or a proto-Indo-European word meaning ‘darkness’, the term Europe has been used to define a geographical region since at least the 6th century BC. Is it merely Bismarck’s ‘geographical expression’? Does it stretch to the Urals? Or the North African coast? Historical, sociological, cartographical, cultural – we’re open to explorers.
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