an dan me returns
wi torn nets flappin
aneath a grim sun

syne I ivvir saa
da eens at got awa
fae de I’d heuk

mi line tae da Möder Dy
an cry da hale catch
free as briddir man

maun be ta makk
his ain wye coont
da sam as sage

descended wrasslers wi truth
an beauty an marble
eyed justice wha nivvir

took an inch mair
nor gied a mile less
as da silence

we aa hae comin
tae wis an wirs
at wha’s bid du sings


da Möder Dy – the Mother Wave, a current said to run beneath the tide which ancient generations of seafarers believed would lead them home

an dan – and then | wi – with | aneath – beneath
syne – if | ivvir – ever | da eens – the ones | fae de – from you | heuk – hook
mi – my | cry – to call, to name, to denote | da hale – the whole | briddir – brother
maun – must | ain wye – own way | da sam – the same
wrasslers wi – wrestlers with | wha nivvir – who never
mair – more | gied – give
wis an wirs – us and ours | wha’s bid – whose invitation



From Magma 87, Islands



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