On sighting up these four fine Jamaican singerman,
damsels in the studio audience abandon all decorum.

Letterman laughs, begs girls hold it down so Maxi Priest,
Dennis Brown, Shinehead and Little Lennie

can convey Birthday greetings to Bob Marley.
As is meet, the banner is raised by cantor Maxi Priest;

he of the open spacious singing style rising like incense

till the banner of one love, one heart streams out full staff
Once established, Love’s universal anthem flies straight

to peerless Dennis Brown who should be living at the hour,
our music hath need of him now. Crown prince forwards,

eyes closed, he calls forth from deep unto deeper yet still,
Marley’s abeng appeal for every one living to fight together

the Holy Armagiddion.

Enter Shine head in a suit so bright, clean rinse water of blue
and moonlight on zinc gleam to mind. Carrier of respect due,

he relays suitable salutations across generations; right action
that paves the straight way for Little Lennie

to leap forth like a rambunctious young lion: gold chain flying,
growling a glottal rrrright to the heart of Rockefeller Center.

At which point four righteous singerman jump Nyabinghi.

Priest and the Prince, keystone and chiseled columns, uphold
strong mansions of singing.

Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren and sistren
to praise together. Over all: One Love’s banner.