borrowed from the sea god      standing in the water horse          with the
head of a bird horse   swifter than the cold horse      bare wind of spring
horse goddess                           with the head of a pig                          horse

bestowed by the love of god        tallest steed in Erin  horse      desperate
to relieve horse                    tied in the field where they lay horse   fitful
unable to           free itself horse              breached bladder of water horse

summoned by the sea god horse    bewitching bard     dwarf horse sings
her a dreamless sleep horse           hoists her body       small shouldered
horse                             stays too long    at the mouth a  river rising horse
losing their way           over                                 oceans                         horse

three hundred years passed
horse rides in                                     on the     back of a      promise  horse
leans too far from            girth snap  saddle                 horse

fawn falls       homesick        to the heart of the
soil horse stirs up
foam-wet feet                                     horse                 sweet
throated        bird of sea