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Magma 79, Dwelling, Edited by Zoë Brigley, Kristian Evans and Rob A. Mackenzie

Since the pandemic began, we three editors – dwelling in the USA, Wales, Scotland – have read thousands of submitted poems, most written in lockdown. Each was a unique and inimitable snapshot of how poets all over the world are striving to make sense of these unprecedented times.


Penelope Shuttle the child’s childhood
Rebecca Tamás Full Moon in Scorpio
John McCullough Prayer for a Godless City
Ruth Awad The Little Ice Age of Hard Truths
Jenny Mitchell Hymn To Jamaica
Michael McKimm Trace fossil: coastal furniture


Magma 79 Editorial The idea for a special issue on dwelling didn’t emerge at a desk or on a computer screen, but in a unique and remarkable place: Kenfig Nature Reserve. These coastal dunes in south Wales conceal a buried medieval castle and a once thriving market town, now lost to the encroaching sands. In that wild sanctuary,…
‘All the living I have left to do’: a disability poetics of dwelling We dwell in our bodies; our bodies in the world. Everything we experience of the world we experience in and through and with our bodies. Our relationship with our body informs our relationship with the world. For some people, this is easier to forget than for others. There are times I have wished I could…
Isabelle Baafi Reviews Gregory Leadbetter, Sasha Dugdale and Phoebe Stuckes Maskwork Gregory Leadbetter Nine Arches Press, £9.99 Deformations Sasha Dugdale Carcanet, £11.99 Platinum Blonde Phoebe Stuckes Bloodaxe, £9.95 Gregory Leadbetter’s Maskwork is a theatre of transformation and ritual, in which forms constantly shift, and the convolutions of the natural world resist articulation. In this web of being, masks take on many guises and elicit questions…
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