The bacon, green bacon
Middle, end collar

I looked in the cellar
Seersucker dressed me with dog daisy leaves

Prime collar, young oyster
Top back, middle cut
Short back on the slab. Middle gammon, dry knuckle
See streaky end forehock, the butt and the flank
Under. I slipped on red gammon slippers
On the marble veined floor, the dangerous slipper

Drew the blood from my calves, straining treacherous floors
Bath chap and brisket
Chitling and breastmeat
You’re a liar, liar, liar

Chuck the cutlet, the forehock, the gristle, my hambone
Kidney, last hogg. Lights, my dangerous liver
Sick offal and oxtail, six rounds of rump
Pump the horse-feathered eyes

Of a pope and the rack.
Ribald, the rack, the rain parson’s nose
Saddle, the schnitzel, scrag in your skirt
Sweetbread and dead meat. Tails of a dog
Rough tongue in marrow
Topside, lost trotters, wet tripe on Tuesday

I was undercut, dazed, as I fell on my knees
Shredded narcissi. Bearcat brown droppings

It was bitumen floor hit my grogblossomed face.