Magma 67

Edited by Rob A. Mackenzie and A.B. Jackson

Magma 67 Bones & Breath edited by Rob A. Mackenzie and A.B. Jackson is a description of who we all are: solid and ungraspable as water, robust and fragile as an iceberg.




M67 editorial This issue was put together during a period of significant global change. Brexit was sold to the public with a…
Katy Evans-Bush on A Winch “Arse – myne! – that’s how you know me” Magma 67, extra review: Katy Evans-Bush reviews Alison Winch’s Trouble, Emma Press, £6.50pm   Alison…
Claire Crowther on J Wainwright Magma 67, extra review, Claire Crowther Reviews Jeffery Wainwright’s What Must Happen, Carcanet Press, £9.99     What Must Happen     Jeffrey Wainwright Carcanet     What…

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