Steps must be taken. These
are dangerous times. A watch
will be placed on trees

at the end of the road. Observe
how they lean together, muttering.
They’re plotting insurrection; this

must be suppressed. We’ve noticed
rain behaving strangely. It withholds,
then prostitutes itself, in ways

not in the public interest. It congeegates
illicitly in pools, which swell
into ditches, rivers. We sense its thirst

for power. Our chief concern, however,
is with the earth. It whines,
You walk me carelessly, I’m

downtrodden. We can’t condone
self-pity; we note a growing trend.
Earth will be brought to book.

There will be zero tolerance
of anything that breaks the day
with sudden sound. These

are temporary measures. We ask you
not to panic if we’re forced to shoot
songbirds at dawn, ask questions later.