You must put your emotions on one side
while considering this case. You may well
feel that these men have been treated
unfairly in being brought before this court.
That would be understandable. You may
experience sympathy for the harshness
with which they have been subjected to
cross-examination by the prosecution.
It would also be to your credit if you were
to say to yourselves: the good name of
the regiment must come first. But you
are not, at any point in your deliberations
to ask yourselves what is in the best interest
of Her Majesty’s Forces. You must also
put out of your minds any comments,
sayings, quotes whatsoever made by
any person or persons reported in the
press on this case. You are to exercise
great caution when considering the evi-
dence of that witness who took the photo-
graphs. He may have been motivated by
considerations of self. Now you are to retire.