Preach amber, ambergris, preach sweet
pea, purple sprouting, bread. Preach tourmaline
and turquoise, radish. Preach moon’s sprawl, full cream silk,
wind’s punch, yellow, storm, pigeon, squirrel,
monkfish and lawn. Peach.
Preach midnight blue, mackerel sky,
pomegranate. Preach cherimoya and budgerigar, flaked gold
harvest. Preach honey skin and peacock feather,
vermilion, passion flower; lily;
preach orange fire and white heat, snow, ice,
cacciatore, asparagus, broken crystal only
waterfall, drought, flounce of blossom, only use
bunion-roots, crocodile, humming birds, only use words
preach pepper, dance. Preach rocky coves only use words if
and prairies, parsnip bouillon; the violin only use words if you
played in French only use words if you have to