It’s that Buster Keaton moment.
Can you feel the brickwork shaking?
Can you hear the timbers creaking?
Can you see the girders shift?

Did you think it wouldn’t happen?
As you loosened all the mortar,
as you rattled all the roof-tiles,
as you made the floorboards dance,

as you flicked the lighted matches,
on the sawdust in the corners,
as you watched the snaking fire trails
disappear behind the beams.

Well, I think you’ve done the trick now.
See, the walls are buckling quickly,
there’s an avalanche of wreckage
and the window frame is falling,
shaping cubes of airy safety
for that Buster Keaton moment,
but I think you have to wonder
as the masonry collapses
and the choking dust clouds thicken –

have you got his perfect timing?
Are you sure you’re
on the spot?