I’m talking with God on a daily basis,
He tell me I can torture as much as I want to, so let me in.

God say,
Do whatcha gotta do, boy.

God tell me,
but check in with me first for form’s sake. You know I ain’t gonna turn down no reasonable re-quest.

God say,
I got a incoming call on the other line. I’m putting you on hold now.

God get back on the line and say,
OK, now where was we?

And I ask,
Who was that calling this time of night?

And he say,
Don’t be presumptuous, son. I prefer a little humility. I like a little respect.

And I say, Sorry, Boss.

And he laugh so the whole universe rattles like dice in a cup.

God say,
Don’t be peevish now. It was just some kids calling to ask if it was OK to suicide
today. You know what kids are like! I tell ‘em, hell yes. Your old man loves a good fireworks show. Do it for me, baby. Do it for me.