Steve’s cooking scallops for Tracy.
He’ll actually use a little too much cream
but the scallops won’t resist too much.

Steve’s cooking scallops for Tracy.
Everything bar the cooking’s almost ready.
He’s about to undress and step into the shower.

Tracy’s slipping out of Darlington.
She doesn’t know about the scallops,
she’s not sure about her level of resistance.

Steve’s scrubbing himself in the shower.
It’s true he’s put on a little weight
but who wants to sleep with a will-o’-the-wisp?

Steve’s cooking scallops for Tracy,
he needs to shave and apply some Eau Sauvage.
A man with scallops is a man who shaves.

Tracy’s driving along the motorway.
She’s bought herself a nice little dress.
She’s never in her life eaten a scallop.