What was the purpose of your visit to Israel?
Where did you stay? Did you stay there all the time?
Do you have any friends or family here? Did you come alone?
Did you visit any private houses? What is your profession?

Wait here while I get my supervisor. When did you arrive?
That’s a long time to stay in one place. Did you visit anyone?
Who did you meet at the hotel? What are their names?
What did you do when you were here?

What did you do yesterday, for example?
Did you go anywhere outside the Old City?
Where do you live in England? Are you getting a direct flight?
Do you often visit other countries? What were you doing in Paris?

Please wait here while your bags are x-rayed.
Please take your luggage and stand to the right.
Please open your luggage.
Please put everything on this tray.

We need to scan you with a metal detector.
You can come with us or wait until your luggage is repacked,
it will be quicker if you come with us.
Do you have any metal objects with you?

Please take off your scarf. Please take off your shirt. Please lift your arms.
Please stand with your legs apart. Please turn around and face the wall.
Lift up your foot. Lift up your other foot. Please come with me.
You may repack your bag. I will take you through the check-in.

How long have you been here? What have you been doing?
Did you meet anyone? Did anyone give you anything to carry?
Do you have any sharp objects? Please leave your bag there.
Please go with her. Please come with me.

How long have you been here? Where were you staying?
Did you meet anyone? Do you have any friends here?
Please go through this gate.
Here is your passport. Have a good flight.