Magma 35 proclaims a literary phenomenon – “The London School”. In an article in the print edition, Laurie Smith surveys poetry about London through the ages, and argues that “a group of younger poets have found ways of making evident the strangeness of living in London right now.” He pinpoints their common traits, compares them with the New York Group who revolutionised American poetry in the 1960s, and names the leading poets as Jonathan Asser, Matthew Caley, Annie Freud, John Stammers and Tim Turnbull.

The print edition also includes Magma’s usual 80 pages of top quality poetry, features and reviews. A selection is included on-line to whet your appetite.”

Magma 35 editor Tim Robertson invited poetry submissions especially on the theme of London. The results range from the 7 July bombings and the Blitz to a swim through the London sky and a pick-up in Kew Gardens.

There are also new poems by Wendy Cope, Jane Duran, John Mole, Adrian Mitchell and Don Paterson. In ‘Guest Choice’, stand-up comic Jo Brand talks about her favourite poem. In ‘Poetry in Practice’, Cheryl Moskowitz shares her experience of running poetry workshops with homeless people and in other community settings.