The construction took a week
of his spare time, more or less,
and that included queuing
at the checkout, for the wood,
sashcord, pulley and two breeze blocks.
The steel came from a scrap yard,
quite cheap, but he had to grind
the edge himself.
All day Sunday experimenting
with the release, the drop,
smoothing and waxing the runners.
Four cabbages and finally
a leg of pork. Afterwards
he cooked one half of the meat,
threw the other away.

For three and half weeks
it has stood there, in the bedroom.
Every night before turning off the light,
he has looked at it and smiled.

Tonight is the night, he has decided,
a large glass of Talisker,
a bath, some candles, the CD player on,
Roberta Flack is singing
The first time ever I saw your face.

He is lying, face down, naked,
still slightly damp, smelling of Radox,
cord in his right hand,
trying to get his head straight,
waiting for the track to end.