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John McCullough Known Light
David Boll Rilke
Caroline Natzler Anniversary Trip
Mark Doty To Caravaggio
Matthew Caley Louis Quatorze Chairs
Ann Alexander Stepmother's Tale


Magma 27 in the Poetry Library Archive The full contents of Magma 27 have been archived by the Poetry Library and can be accessed on their website, here.
Favourite gay and lesbian poems Do you have a favourite gay or lesbian poem? Magma asked some poets and other people who might have an opinion. Here are some of the responses. Moniza Alvi Poet. Christina Dunhill The Shape of Her (in Anvil New Poets…
'Other Avenues': the state of gay and lesbian poetry in Britain An information pack entitled How to Get Your Poetry Published, circulated by the Poetry Society, contains the following gem of practical advice under the heading "Other Avenues": Alternative publishing. If your work is all on one theme (e.g. gay or…
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