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Barry Butson Slutsky
Jo Pestel Clock
Jason Watts Mouse skeleton
Bruno Anthony Home for the holidays
Alissa Leigh Letter found in a Russian novel
Linda Rose Parkes The Berlin cruise boat
Pascale Petit Self-Portrait with Monkey and Parrot
Jen Hadfield Southport air show


Magma 25 in the Poetry Library Archive The full contents of Magma 25 have been archived by the Poetry Library and can be accessed on their website, here.
Foreign Lands Editorial Is it lack of imagination that makes us come to imagined places, not just stay at home? Or could Pascal have been not entirely right about just sitting quietly in one’s room? Elizabeth Bishop, Questions of Travel This issue of Magma is dedicated to the theme of foreign lands. The topic was motivated in…
Lorca's Poet in New York <pPClare Pollard and Bob Vance on an encounter with America. British poet Clare Pollard reviews an event at which poets from five continents read poems about New York City in response to Lorca’s sequence and 9/11. Then US poet Bob Vance gives his view of Lorca’s work and its setting. Love and hate in Manhattan…
Presiding Spirits Thomas Lynch on the sonnet In Presiding Spirits we explore how a contemporary poet draws from the work of the past. This time, Thomas Lynch describes the impact of a form, the sonnet, on him and his writing. Lynch is the author of three collections of poetry, Skating with Heather Grace (Knopf 1987), Grimalkin &…
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