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Virgil Suárez View from a Courtyard Window, Calabazar, Havana
Helena Nelson Release
Imogen Avsec We
Ben Ziman-Bright Remember Mohandessin?
Myra Schneider The spotted lilies
Mario Petrucci Nape
Caroline Natzler Liminal
Vicki Feaver The camellia house


Magma 22 in the Poetry Library Archive The full contents of Magma 22 have been archived by the Poetry Library and can be accessed on their website, here.
A deep long crack in reality Laurie Smith in one of two looks at poetic responses to September 11th in Magma 22. The destruction of 11 September was a transfixing moment, not only in the sense that everyone can remember where they were when they first heard of or saw it – this is true of other sudden shocking public events…
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