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Magma Poetry Competition — Winners Announced


We are delighted to announce the winners of Magma Poetry Competition 2017/18


Judge’s Prize

Judged by Mona Arshi


First prize: Jo Burns – ‘The Cosmic Horseshoe’

Second prize: Pamela Job – ‘The Raku Helmet’

Third prize: Mara Adamitz Scrupe – ‘Emoji (in the museum of natural history)’

(in no particular order)

Judy Brackett Crowe – ‘The Dirt’

Gale Burns – ‘On The Move’

Kate Wakeling – ‘Delivery’

Anne Ryland – ‘Running, I become’

Cathy Miles – ‘Heartwood’



Editors’ Prize

Judged by David Floyd, Ella Frears, Lisa Kelly, Rob A Mackenzie and Laurie Smith


First prize: Tom Weir – ‘A Man Blames the Dent in the Bonnet of his Car on Two Deer’

Second prize: Karen Wheatcroft – ‘poem for large and small designs’

Third prize: Lewis Buxton – ‘Sevenling’

Commended (in no particular order)

Yvonne Reddick – ‘Gyrfalcon and Tamer’

Hilary Hares – ‘Moab’

Claire Collison – ‘Ghost’

Anna Kisby – ‘Alligator’

Victoria Pugh – ‘Out of Sight’


See below some pictures from our winners celebrations event at Keats House in London.


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