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Listen to Poems from the Launch of Magma 49

If you weren’t able to attend the launch of Magma 49, you can still listen to poems read on the night by some of the contributors to Magma 49.

These recordings are introduced by Julia Bird, the Magma 49 editor. (If you’re reading this via email you may need to click through to the main site to listen to the recordings.)

W.N. Herbert, ‘Errant’

Laura Scott, ‘Buster Keaton’

Jackie Wills, ‘Circo Group Plc’

John McCullough, ‘The Other Side of Winter’

Jackie Wills - Guest Reader
Jackie Wills - Guest Reader
Isobel Dixon
Isobel Dixon
W.N. Herbert - Guest Reader
W.N. Herbert - Guest Reader

This podcast is for private non-commercial use only. Copyright in the individual works and performances is that of their authors.

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  1. Am unable to get to the Launch Meetings so it was a great pleasure to hear the recordings. The introductions by each poet were good ‘scene setters’ for their work. Thank you to whoever it was who thought of the idea.

  2. Thank you for making this available. Bill Herbert in particular is always a great pleasure to listen to – all the way from his lighthouse on Tyneside.

    A nice picture of Isobel Dixon and it’s a pity that she isn’t in the recordings.

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