1. Magma 56 launches at the Troubadour

    Written by Wes Brown at August 30, 2013 12:03

    Another issue off the press and into the hands of readers as Magma 56 launched at the Troubadour Coffee House in Earls Court. Headline readers Jack Underwood and David Morley shared a stage with scores of poets from the pages of the magazine. Photos by Magma board member Jenny Wong, and friend of the magazine Michael Umney made recordings of the readings which you can listen to below.


    Matt Brydon’s Small Change considers the absence of children in adult spaces 


    Ian Cartland read his poem The Coat – a ballad about a dog’s skin


    Helen Mort was co-host of the evening and co-editor of Magma 56


    Suzannah Evans considered love at the end of the world in A Contingency Plan


    Amy Key wrote about all the dresses that she has and all the dresses that she wants to have in Poem To A Clothes Rail


    Jack Underwood entertained with an extended set including his Magma poem, 13 Say


    Stuart McKenzie brought some catwalk glamour with The Dead Weight of Beauty


    Mark Waldron indulged us with his adulterous poem Uh-Oh Sweet Wife


    Tim Wells talked catsuits and showed us why Your Kung Fu is Profound


    David Morley gave a powerful and dramatic reading from his poem series The Gypsy and the Poet

One response to “Magma 56 launches at the Troubadour”

  1. Paul Carney says:

    Barbara Marsh read too. It would have been lovely if her work had also been recorded, because it was brilliant.

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