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Listen to Poems from the Launch of Magma 57

The launch reading for Magma 57 was a buzzing event with well over 100 in the audience. On this page we’ve picked a few highlights and some distinctive styles so if you were not there you can get a flavour of the evening. Styles don’t come much more distinctive than Paula Claire’s interactive reading and we think the recording gives an idea of how well the audience joined in too. Contrast that with Patience Agbabi’s multi-voiced re-working of Chaucer or Richard Price’s ‘Stork’, which turns ungainliness to elegance and Olivia Dawson’s cheerfully dangly ampersands. Of course for the best effect you will also need to be able to see these visual poems on the page – you can buy a copy of the issue here.

(If you’re reading this via email you may need to click through to the main site to listen to the recordings.)

Paula Claire 

Richard Price, ‘Stork’ 

Patience Agbabi, ‘Reconstruction’

John Challis, ‘Against Our Government’s Advice’

Olivia Dawson, ‘&’

This podcast is for private non-commercial use only. Copyright in the individual works and performances is that of their authors.

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