Through the woods, over the heaths,
no comfort. I curled naked in the cold air
on the heather, on the sallow moss. The snow
in shards formed above me, and began to fall,

so I pinned dry leaves across my body,
and when the sun woke up, strange and white,
I dug for roots beneath it. My mouth was dark
with soil. Then, the porter unbarred the gate…

All those lost things, still living. Under
one earth, I saw another. Under the forest,
a possible world. I thought, life goes on
too long without you, Heurodis.

I am waiting for my heart to break. And yet,
down there in the dark, I hear it –
that unstopping sound, like a breath,
like time going & yet, & yet, & yet,


From Magma 88, Underworld

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