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a lot of programmers talk to rubber ducks;
a lot of programmers invest in serious tools
to play with while they work;
a lot of programmers suffer
from imposter syndrome;
so my sacred toy sits atop a lengthy, curved monitor,
hearing how nothing i write
could ever possibly function; quack, quack;
but if you can explain the problem
to the neutral, bathtime observer,
it might grant you a little foam-free clarity;
sometimes i see a rippled reflection

in the screen’s curve
&& it is a bright yellow toy
standing behind me; other times
my backwards likeness has little orange feet; either way i lose
a lot of problems in the murky weekday
water && i drop a lot of files
into an analogue sea,
one where the thrilling flotsam
laps over my hands && every key i touch
comes away damp;
i have an expensive keyboard;
so, as i hammer out the code,
my fingers go clack-clack-clack,
all day long;


From Magma 88, Underworld

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