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Magma 88, Underworld 

Edited by Leo Boix, Ella Duffy and Kate Simpson

Underworlds are duplicitous; they resist definition, classification, and simplification, and we were inspired by the breadth of submissions, moving beyond what we could have imagined.

Magma Selected: Molly Underwood


Stuart Rawlinson Authentication Exception
Yvonne Reddick Peakshole Water Speaks
Tolu Ogunlesi Groundwater
Richard Scott Red Tourmaline
Jade Cuttle Mudlark
Seán Hewitt Orfeo


Magma 88, Editorial In the early stages of planning for Underworld, we sought out emerging cultures, communities and modes of thought in search for a new ecopoetics. In our call for submissions, we made prompts towards depictions of undergrowth – decomposition, transformation, and biodiversity – whilst considering parallel planes, the effects of celestial mechanics upon terrestrial events, and…
Growing Language from the Earth I have a map of Jamaica in front of me, I’m thinking about how places connect. My friend Santhia has sent me two pebbles as a gift from Freilassing, in the German Alps, and they’re making me reflect on distance. Isn’t our perception of distance, in a certain way, a trickery, given its tendency to…
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