Good morning! And it is a glorious morning,
with a ridge of high pressure set fair over
the whole of the UK for the foreseeable future,
bringing plenty of sunshine and even the chance
of record-breaking temperatures later on.
Further afield, in the far east, low-lying land
will give way to rising sea levels, with just
a possibility of one or two nations vanishing
before noon. To the south, a band of famine
will creep further inland throughout the day,
creating outbreaks of violence, generally light,
but with the likelihood of some heavier outbursts,
with conditions remaining reasonably unsettled.
In the west, wildfires continue to dominate
the picture, feeling pleasantly warm, though
with a fairly brisk hurricane moving in from
the coast, there could be a nasty sting in the tail
come teatime. It’s all change in the north,
where snow is making way for wetter conditions.
Some icy patches remain, but these should clear
from most places by nightfall. Looking further ahead,
there are indications of a front of slow-moving
refugees edging towards the country from all sides,
although there’s some uncertainty around this
at present. That’s all from me for now.
Do be sure to get out and enjoy that sunshine!

On 25th July 2019 the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was measured in the Botanic Garden, Cambridge. Since the time of writing, that record of 38.7°C has been broken in at least 35 places across England.

From Magma 85, Poems for schools

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