However well trained, however briefed, you cannot prepare for the sensation
of falling while staying where you are. Though it’s best never to view it
from outside, should the ship in any way malfunction do everything
in your power to repair it, first by securing yourself to it, then by edging out
slowly, with the necessary tools and equipment. Keep in mind
that the worst eventuality is the ship’s destruction. The second worst
is the loss of its crew. Should you become detached, accidentally
or by any other means, your only resort is to hurl everything you have
about your person hard, away from the ship, and hope that the opposite
force will be sufficient to propel you backwards. Should you make it,
cling to the ship. When you consider it safe, pass hand over hand
until you reach the hatch, then lower yourself inside. Do not be surprised
thereafter if you find it difficult to love or to relax your grip.


From Magma 84, Physics



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