Oh claw-handed smooth-bodied dancing assassin
I want to run my fingers across your pixel-muscles
and follow with my tongue
oh pretty boy
oh pony-tailed matador
half man half woman
you wake up the queer in me
take my clumsy
teenage flesh
that smells of insecurity
and lend me your grace
your colour your fight
right now resilience
is all I have
and there has to be more
than just
surviving to the end

trans angel that flies
and wears a mask
like all the fags at the ball
claw my 3D form
and draw blood.
You who can dance
and sing
at healing pitch
and fight with the
strength of a ballerina.
I knew you were queer
before I knew what that was
and though I am not beautiful
or graceful
and cannot sing
or dance or fight
I knew I must be that way too.
Did my beauty intoxicate you?
Of course it did. K.O

Note: Vega was one of the bosses in the nineties computer game ‘Street Fighter 2’.