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Magma 78, Collaborations, edited by David Floyd and Alice Willitts

Go here for a special edition of the Collaboration issue


Mina Gorji & Bhanu Kapil The Cosmos and the Jewel
Lucy Furlong & Susie Campbell Two Metres
Marvin Thompson Triptych
Rina Atienza & Rishi Dastidar Scuff the air


Magma 78 Editorial It is a special kind of joy to devote a whole issue of a mainstream UK poetry magazine to collaborative poetry. Collaborations can be vanguards of new poetic forms; hive-minded, symbiotic, experimental and downright radical works of art we said in the call out, as the UK officially left the EU, back before Covid (can…
Interview with SJ Fowler SJ Fowler is one of the most energetic poet-artists you’re likely to meet. He works in performance, film, installation, print and landscapes, all exploring the material of language. He teaches Creative Writing at Kingston University, and he created the long-running, collaborative poetry event Camarade. He is the founder and curator of international collaborations The Enemies…
Passion for Unconvential Books Publisher Jess Chandler of Prototype Publishing talks to Magma about publishing poetic collaborations. Magma: What drew you to publishing collaborations? It’s still unusual in poetry publishing and I hear it can be lousy financially (ahem). What’s your experience been? Jess Chandler: Some of the first things I published with Test Centre were very interdisciplinary, and…
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