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Magma 76, Resistencia, edited by Leo Boix and Nathalie Teitler

Latin American poetry and literature plays an incredibly important role within our culture. It has had a global impact for its experimental nature, activism, sensuality and its use of magic realism and fierce storytelling. There are few writers and poets in the world who have not been influenced by Pablo Neruda or Borges, for example. The opportunity to share more of that aesthetic and its impact is very exciting.


Sophie Segura Ghazal for a Marginal Sea
Andre Bagoo Translating ‘Florentino y el Diablo’
Julie Irigaray The Argentinian Rugby Women
Juana Adcock Skirt of Snakes
Eneida Alcalde niño de Granada
Maia Elsner Cochineal wings


Magma 76 — Editorial For the last 25 years Magma has built a reputation for being an exciting part of the UK poetry world, drawing in an international range of poets and readers. The previous issues have covered topics such as Work or Loss, inviting profound and sometimes unexpected responses. For this issue the topic we selected was ‘Resistencia’,…
British Latinx: Writing into Existence * Manifesto for a Latino-British Poetry 1) Our poetry will be radical, it will experiment with traditional English syntax and rhythm; sometimes it will sound odd and strange. It will allow for multiple interpretations, meanings. 2) Our poetry will embrace bilingualism. It will include Spanish and English words, idiomatic phrases, new Spanglish words, it will…
Río Tambopata There it goes again – a pulsating hum coming from the jungle. Sounds like a generator coming on, but Tambopata Research Center uses solar panels for energy. Is it aliens? One wall of my lodge is open to the black jungle; it’s like I’m camping right under the great kapoks and ironwoods. Is it the…
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