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Magma 74, Work, edited by Benedict Newbery and Pauline Sewards

Ventriloquists, lion-tamers and domestic servants all appear in these pages, alongside those who work with typewriters, pistols and pianos. And this cast of characters – our workforce – is contained and bound by Joff Winterhart’s brilliant cover.



Mark Coverdale The Godfather of Dole
Lorraine Mariner The God of Home Time
Rebecca Tantony The Ventriloquist’s Voice
Stuart Charlesworth Bedsheet phoenix song
Caroline Davies What the bully at work cannot touch
Alison Brackenbury Work Experience


Magma 74 — Editorial When we put out the call for submissions for the Work issue, nothing could have prepared us for the sheer diversity of poems on the theme. And the ideas about what might constitute work. We received over 2000 poems, and had to make some difficult choices in compiling the final selection, attempting to create a…
On barriers to engagement: One poet’s intersectional journey I began writing poetry to talk about my experiences of racism as a woman of mixed heritage who has lived in predominantly white areas. Poetry gave me a voice, the freedom to express my unusual experiences. Later, I began writing about other aspects of my identity. I understood what intersectionality was before I heard the…
Inspired — Tim Wells responds to Linton Kwesi Johnson In each issue we ask a contemporary poet for a poem which draws inspiration from another poet’s work. Tim Wells responds to Linton Kwesi Johnson’s poem Inglan is a Bitch. * When leaving school there weren’t many jobs, unemployment was the most likely thing for my mates and I. Already this was our fault, we…

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